The Edward German discography

Welsh Guards Band: Edward German (2002)
The Welsh Guards Band, conducted by Major Philip Shannon, recorded this CD in 2002. The CD contains band selections of German's music and arrangements from his Tom Jones. The following tracks are included:
1. Coronation March & Hymn (arr. Dan Godfrey Jnr)
Three Dances from the Music to Henry VIII
2. i) Morris Dance
3. ii) Shepherds' Dance
4. iii) Torch Dance
5. Welsh Rhapsody
Bouree and Gigue (arr. Dan Godfrey Jnr)
6. i) Bouree
7. ii) Gigue
Three Dances from Nell Gwyn (arr. Leidzen)
8. i) Country Dance
9. ii) Pastoral Dance
10. iii) Merrymakers' Dance
Gipsy Suite - Four Characteristic Dances (arr. Godfrey Jnr)
11. i) Valse Melancolique
12. ii) Allegro di Bravura
13. iii) Menuetto
14. iv) Tarantella
Three Dances from Tom Jones (arr. Godfrey Jnr)
15.  i) Morris Dance
16. ii) Gavotte
17. iii) Jig
I highly recommend this for the Edward German enthusiast. Unfortunately, the Welsh Guards Band website has been completely altered and I am not able to find the CD in their holdings, so it is no longer available.
Issue History

2002    Welsh Guards Band [private label]  SRC 104  CD