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Recordings of Tom Jones
Comic Opera in Three Acts by Edward German
Libretto adapted from the novel of Fielding
by Alexander M. Thompson and Robert Courtneidge
Lyrics by Charles H. Taylor

First Produced at the Princes' Theatre, Manchester
on 3rd April 1907, and subsequently at the Apollo Theatre, London,
under the Management of Robert Courtneidge, on April 17th, 1907, for a run of 110 performances [*some references give the date of the Manchester premiere as 30th March, 1907.]
The Plot
The scene of Act I is laid on Squire Western's lawn in Somersetshire, where a reception is being held in honour of Tom Jones, who, although a foundling adopted by Squire Allworthy, is popular for his geniality and sportsmanship.  Tom is in love with Sophia, Squire Western's daughter, but her father wishes her to marry Blifil, Allworthy's nephew and heir. Blifil proposes, and is rejected. Tom and Sophia are discouraged by Western, who angrily rejects Tom's plea for Sophia's hand.

Act II passes in an inn at Upton, where Sophia, who has run away, is to join Tom and elope with him. Meantime Tom, on the road, has rescued Lady Bellaston from highwaymen and brings her to the inn. Unknown to the others, Western and Blifil are there too, in search of Sophia. Lady Bellaston makes love to Tom, and Sophia is led to believe him false. She leaves at once. Partridge, the village medico, called in to tend Western, knows the secret of Tom's birth, and tells Western that Tom is really the elder nephew of Allworthy.

Act III takes place at Ranelagh Gardens. Tom has sought Sophia unsuccessfully, not knowing that she has gone to live with her kinswoman, Lady Bellaston. The lovers meet in the garden, the misunderstanding is cleared up, and Western consents to their union.

Source: Opera at Home
The Gramophone Company, 1925
Recordings of Tom Jones
Arguably German's best operatic score, Tom Jones has been almost as popular as Merrie England, and its music has been recorded a number of times. For the best introduction to the opera, I recommend the new Naxos recording (which is musically complete), or for a live performance, get the G&S Opera Victoria video.
As always, please let me know if I missed anything. There are some recordings of symphonic arrangements; I have put them on the orchestra page.

Act 1 Finale
Act 2 - The Inn at Upton
Act 3 - Ranelagh Gardens