The Edward German discography

I have created this discography to help people who are interested in the music of Sir Edward German find information about the recordings that have been and are currently available. As a companion to Marc Shepherd's collection of Gilbert & Sullivan recordings, this site will employ some of Marc's creations, with a few of my own touches. Unlike Marc's site, I will include amateur recordings, since the array of German's recordings is much more limited than of, say, Arthur Sullivan. All media (LPs, videos, CDs, etc.) should be included in this site and I want to be as comprehensive as possible. Images will be included whenever possible.

These pages are, by no means, complete so if I've missed some items, please let me know and I will add them (as long as you provide details about the items). Of course, comments are welcomed too. Lastly, I wish to thank Marc Shepherd, Robert Morrison and the Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project for providing invaluable information on many recordings.

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Lastly, a request. Please do not email me, asking to buy recordings featured on this site. I own few of the recordings listed here, and this site is not intended for selling them. Some (but not many) pages have external links that will allow you to hear the music. If you can recommend a link (say to YouTube or some other free source), please do let me know of it, and include the link in your email.
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Site created March 28, 2009.
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young Edward German
old Edward German

Who is Edward German?

"There is only one man who is worthy of succeeding me, and that man is Edward German." - Sir Arthur Sullivan

Edward German was a composer of "good light music" in Victorian England. Although he was not terribly famous in the 19th century, the death of Sir Arthur propelled German to stardom. For the rest of his days, German was one of the most popular English composers. Sadly, his fame dwindled after his death in 1936, and he is barely remembered today.

For an online biography, please click here.You will be directed to the "Who Was Who in the D'Oyly Carte" website.

To read about Edward German, I would suggest the following:

- "Edward German: An Intimate Biography" by William H. Scott (London, Cecil Palmer, published 1932)

- "A Musical Peacemaker: The Life and Work of Sir Edward German" by Brian Rees (Abbotsbrook, Kensal Press, published 1986).

Both are outstanding biographies, particularly the latter, because it provides more photos and covers German's final years.
A video talking about Edward German and his legacy may be viewed here.

To purchase Edward German scores, please visit Christopher Browne's website. He has vocal scores of all the German operas, and a few recordings of odds and ends of German's music.
Lastly, I recommend this website  containing articles and events.