The Edward German discography

Vintage recordings of Tom Jones 

Ruth Vincent "Which is my own true self?"

After Tom Jones opened in 1907, Ruth Vincent (the first Sophia Western) recorded her sparkling waltz song from the third act of the opera for Columbia. Her performance was accompanied with an unidentified pianist. Vincent was, in my opinion, a rather homely girl but her voice is simply angelic. I've heard many performances of this song, but hers is my favourite. As a point of interest, three of her other recordings (not from Tom Jones or any Gilbert & Sullivan she may have known) were reissued on The Savoy Connection. I have provided a link to Marc Shepherd's page on that recording.

Columbia-Rena 132; mat. LP 64. Recorded 1907.

Reissued on The Art of the Savoyard, Vol. 1 and The Savoy Connection.
Ruth Vincent

Edward German recorded the following music from Tom Jones:

Morris Dance (Act 3 opening symphony), mat. Ho2991af, cat. no. HMV D1888, 30 Nov 1917
Introduction and Jig, mat. Ho3826ae, cat. no. HMV E28, 30 Nov 1917
I am aware of the existence of this recording, but no one has yet provided a review.
Reissued 1978 Rare Recorded Editions, LP RRE 168/9, with 1918 Merrie England and selections from The Emerald Isle with the Coldstream Guards Band conducted by Lt-Col. J. MacKenzie-Rogan.


Hayden Coffin as Tom Jones
Harry Welchman as Tom Jones

Photos appear courtesy of Christopher Browne