The Edward German discography

Vintage recordings of The Emerald Isle (1904 - 1926)
In the early days of recordings, it was not uncommon to find many recordings of wind-brass ensembles performing favourite songs. The Emerald Isle was no exception, either. Although I have yet to find any early vocal recordings of selections, there were many band records made, and I would not be surprised to discover more of these. Stephen Turnbull has provided the following information. A list of their content is still pending.

Zonophone 679 Selection - British Military Band (1904, 7-inch single sided)

    HMV C415 "Selection from The Emerald Isle parts I/II" [sic?] Band of HM Coldstream Guards, conducted by Lt.-Col. J. Mackenzie-Rogan.  (1915, 12-inch)
    HMV C1224 "Selection from The Emerald Isle", conducted by Lt. George Evans (1926, 12-inch)
    COLUMBIA 945 Selection - Columbia Band (10-inch single sided)
    PATHE 40207 Selection - Garde Republicaine Band (size unknown)
    VOCALION K05169 Selection parts I/II, Band of HM First Life Guards, conducted by Lt. H. Eldridge (12-inch)
    G&T 08 "Selection" London Regimental Band (12-inch single side)
    DUOPHONE UB2067 "Selection" Mackenzie-Rogan's Military Band (10-inch, coupled with a selection from Pirates of Penzance)