The Edward German discography

Nell Gwyn & Henry VIII Suites (Olof)
performed by The New Symphony Orchestra

conducted by Victor Olof

recorded 1953
This record contains the entire suite from both of the German symphonies. I find these recordings to be very valuable and very good. The orchestra is balanced (although no harp is included in the Nell Gwyn suite), the tempos are just right and the music is eminently enjoyable. The only thing I would complain about is the tempo of the Torch Dance in the Henry VIII suite. It goes at lightning speed and I hardly have a chance to enjoy it before it's over. But it is little wonder that these suites are recorded so often - they are beautiful and very entertaining.

Robert Morrison has informed me that this recording was originally coupled with the Merrie England selections released by Decca that same year, on a 12-inch LP. (The one I have in the photo is a 10-inch.)
Issue History

Three Dances from Henry VIII      TRL 122-2B       LW . 5059     1953
Three Dances from Nell Gwyn      TRL 121-2B       LW .5059      1953
10 inch record