The Edward German discography

Music of the Four Countries (1968)

"Welsh Rhapsody" - Edward German
"The Wreckers" Overture - Ethel Smyth
"With The Wild Geese" - Hamilton Harty
"The Land of the Mountain and the Flood" Concert Overture - Hamish MacCunn
I do not own this album, but Robert Morrison has provided the following details.

Edward German's "Welsh Rhapsody", (written as a commission for the Cardiff Festival of 1904), is in the form of a four movement symphony based on Welsh Tunes and is played without a break. An opening 'Allegro risoluto' "Loudly proclaim o'er land and sea," is followed by a 'scherzo' on "Hunting the Hare" and "The Bells of Aberdovey", (the latter is actually an original song by Dibdin that was published in a collection of Welsh folk tunes in error). The slow movement that follows is "David of the White Rock" and the finale "Men of Harlech", treated very much in the manner of the march movement of Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique Symphony". The Rhapsody is a stunning piece of orchestration with 'all stops out' and a marvellous showpiece for all concerned.
Of associated interest is the inclusion of Scots composer/conductor Hamish MacCunn's Concert Overture "The Land of the Mountain and the Flood", (written at the age of 19), on the same recording. MacCunn was the Musical Director for the original London productions of German's comic operas Merrie England,  A Princess of Kensington and Fallen Fairies, as well as the composer of an opera "Jeanie Deans", (performed all over England in the 1890s) and a musical comedy " The Golden Girl". MacCunn died at the early age of 48 in 1916.


Issue History

1968 EMI - stereo LP - cat. no.: ?
1988 EMI 'Classics for Pleasure' - stereo CD - cat. no.: 07777 67753 2 6
March 2006 EMI 'Classics for Pleasure' - stereo CD - cat. no.: 00946 3 52405 2 8
1988 Classics for Pleasure