The Edward German discography

I do not own this recording, so Andrew Brown forwarded the details to me:


The recording of German's Gipsy Suite by Thomas Beecham and the Royal Philharmonic was issued on HMV ALP1983 in 1963 but actually recorded in 1956.  The following note is by Harold Rutland -
Sir Edward German (1862-1936) gained a wide reputation in his day as a composer of graceful light music of a distinctly English character.  Among his best known works are the operettas Merrie England and Tom Jones and the sets of dances from the music he wrote for Henry VIII and Nell Gwyn.  His Gipsy Suite is dedicated to Sir August Manns, who conducted the first performance at the Crystal Palace in 1892.  The suite consists of four 'characteristic dances': Valse melancholique (Lonely Life); Allegro di Bravura (The Dance) ; Menuetto (Love Duet); and Tarantella (The Revel).
A further footnote tells us: "Some of the items featured on this record had not been approved by Sir Thomas Beecham at the time of his death.  In view of the great historical value of Sir Thomas's recordings, we are grateful to Lady Beecham for permission to publish these recordings."
The other pieces included are Delius's "Song of Sunset" and Vidal's "Gavotte" (from the ballet Zino-Zina). 
This recording was given a second issuing on the "Beecham Lollipops" album, with no issue date given. Album notes by Peter Grommond tell us: "We hear very little of the music of our native composer Edward German (1862-1936) beyond Merrie England, the waltz-song from Tom Jones and, much beloved of brass bands and the like, the dances from the Henry VIII and Nell Gwyn incidental music.  Beecham did a pleasant service for English music in rescuing his Gipsy Suite which consists of four 'characteristic dances'  - Valse melancolique; Allegro di bravura; Menuetto; and Tarantella.  The suite was first played at the Crystal Palace concerts under Sir August Manns in 1892."
The other 'lollipops' are supplied by Mendelssohn, Rossini, Mozart, Debussy, Gounod and Vidal.
Issue History
LP issue. HMV ALP1983. Issued 1963.
LP issue. World Record Club ST588. Undated.