The Edward German discography

Edward German: Orchestra Works, Vol. 1 & 2 (1995)
Conducted by Andrew Penny
Vol. 1 Orchestra: Dublin RTE Concert Orchestra
Vol. 2 Orchestra: National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland
Volume 1 Contents
1. Richard III - Overture
2. Theme and Six Diversions
3. The Seasons: Spring
4. The Seasons: Summer
5. The Seasons: Autumn
6. The Seasons: Winter
Volume 2 Contents
1 - 4 : Symphony in A minor ("Norwich")
5. Valse Gracieuse (from the Symphonic Suite in D)
6. Welsh Rhapsody
The Gramaphone had this to say of the second volume:

This second Marco Polo disc of Edward German's more serious music evokes much the same warm welcome I recently gave the first (11/95). Of all German's orchestral works, the Second Symphony is the one which shows how much more there was to his output than his reputation would suggest. It is a work of tremendous assurance, inventively scored and blessed with a wealth of fresh, bright thematic material. It has been revived periodically by Wood, Boult and Barbirolli in the 1930s, on a 1977 LP conducted by Geoffrey Heald-Smith (Gough & Davy, 4/77 nla), and in a 1993 centenary performance by the BBC Concert Orchestra under David Measham. If the scherzo shows German in his too-familiar Olde Englishe Tea Shoppe mode, it should be remembered that this symphony predates most of his familiar music in that style. By contrast, the lyrical slow movement is a piece of overwhelming charm, while the two outer movements contain moments of striking Elgarian boldness. Much the same charm, freshness and assurance also distinguishes the Valse gracieuse from the [???] , which is the only work otherwise available in a modern recording (from Sir Alexander Gibson and the Scottish National Orchestra), it may verge on the bombastic in its concluding use of Men of Harlech , but elsewhere it contains just the same endearing inventive qualities. However, the principal attraction of this disc remains the symphony, which should at all events be heard. It stands firmly in the front rank of British symphonic achievements.
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Edward German: Orchestra Works vol I,
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Issue History

Marco Polo 8.223695
Edward German: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1
Dublin RTE Concert Orchestra
Andrew Penny
Iss. Aug. 1995

Marco Polo 8.223726
Edward German
Orchestral Works, Vol. 2
Andrew Penny
National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland
Iss. Aug. 1995
Volume 1
Volume 2