The Edward German discography

A Tribute to Eric Coates/ Edwardian Favourites
The Pro Arte Orchestra

conducted by Stanford Robinson
A tribute to singer Eric Coates, this recording includes selections from musical comedies by Lionel Monckton, Josef Strauss, Paul Rubens, and then rounds off the album with some Edward German. The "Edwardian Favourites" were issued as a totally separate album, but someone thought that these two belonged together. I have not yet seen them separately; thus, I can't comment on the Eric Coates material.

The Edward German selections are quite good, beautifully arranged from the operas. Different instruments take up the solo passages when necessary, and all the tempos are appropriately performed. Never does Robinson drag his feet and the orchestra does not falter. There are a few surprises, but nothing that would make a German afficianado say "Hey! That's not in the score!" The songs transition seamlessly from one to the next. There is no singing at all, and pauses are seldom (if at all) given between numbers. A great arrangement, though I would have liked to hear some Fallen Fairies in that arrangement.
The Yeomen of England (Merrie England)
Bridal March and Chorus (Princess of Kensington)
Love Maketh the Heart a Garden Fair (Tom Jones)
West Country Lad (Tom Jones)
O Peaceful England (Merrie England)
Dream o' day Jill (Tom Jones)
The English Rose (Merrie England)
Waltz Song (Tom Jones)
For Aye, my love (Tom Jones)
Hornpipe (Princess of Kensington)
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Issue History
Vocalion 4183, issued 1957
re-released on CD, issued ?
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