The Edward German discography

25 Most Beloved Melodies

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An All-Disc production
Some years ago, I found this oddball at a local thrift shop. Normally, I'd have no interest in this, but when I saw that a track for "German - Country Dance" was included, I purchased it and brought it home.

Ed Patterson helped me identify the track. It is from German's Nell Gwyn suite, although the label gives no indication of this. The rest of the record includes all unrelated things, such as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Grieg's Morning and Debussy's Claire
de Lune.

The Country Dance selection is not a great performance. Although a harp is included (which I've not heard in any other recording of the suite), the orchestra is not the best. The tempo is severely under where the other recordings are, and there are parts that I barely recognize because of this. The other selections are fairly represented but as I have no comparison for those, my opinion of them really doesn't matter matter matter. It is entirely possible that these tracks are all from different sources, since the skill and playing style seem to vary greatly from one track to the next.
Dancer with Bouquet -- Degas