The Edward German discography

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria Inc. Merrie England
Earl of Essex -- Kyp Iacovou
Sir Walter Raleigh -- Peter Churchland
Walter Wilkins -- Ryan Jacobs
Silas Simpkins -- Torquil Syme
Long Tom -- Alan Brown
Big Ben -- Bernhard Boulton
The Queen's Fool -- Ron Pidcock
Butcher -- Andrew McGrail
Baker -- Ken Jones
Tinker -- Phil Younger
Tailor -- Edward Burger
A Lord -- Peter Angwin
A Soldier -- Trevor Dawson
A Tenor -- Colin Polites
A Messenger -- Martin Wright
A Vendor -- Frank (Val) Ward
First Royal Page -- Jonathan Reece
Second Royal Page -- James Scully
Queen Elizabeth -- Judith O'Shea
Bessie Throckmorton -- Rachel Buckley
Jill-all-alone -- Janice Donnelly
The May Queen -- Rhonda Yates
Marjory -- Robyn Whipp
Kate -- Diana Hatch
Lady-in-waiting -- Robyn Pidcock
The Chorus and Orchestra of the G&S Society of Victoria Inc.
Director: Richard Burman
Musical Director: Michelle Stanic
Recorded live October 31, November 1 and November 2, 2002.
The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria Inc has been in the habit of "centenary revivals" and issuing a live recording of their productions. Hood and German's Merrie England followed the group's production The Emerald Isle. The only curious omission is a production of A Princess of Kensington, but that's a complaint for another page.  I do not own this recording, nor have I heard it, but Robert Morrison has kindly forwarded all the information for inclusion. If the track list may be believed, this recording contains all the dialogue and every song (including the "Imagination" song and the Egyptian Dance). If their Emerald Isle is any indication, it is probably the best recording available.
Issue History
2002. G&S of Victoria Inc., recorded by Jeeves Audio Service. Private label on CD.