The Edward German discography

The 1930 HMV Merrie England (Vocal Gems)
Performed by the Light Opera Company
(participants not identified)
Although I own this recording, I can't say anything about it because I can't play 78s on my turntable. If someone would please provide a review, I will include it.
Jean Collen has pointed out that the singers vary from side to side, and even suggests that the group is different on both sides. She has also identified the tenor on side 2 as Webster Booth, who made recordings with the Light Opera Company in the 1930s.
Damian Rogan has reported that this issue, HMV C2106 was recorded on 29th September 1930 (1st side) and 15th December 1930 (2nd side). The first side is listed as conducted by Ray Noble, but the 2nd side has no details of performers.
The following songs are on this record:
Side 1
Introduction [possibly the Overture -ed.]
"O Peaceful England"
"The Yeomen of England"
"My troth is plighted"
Side 2
Intro. [how could this be different from the previous intro? -- ed.]
"When Cupid first this old world trod"
"The English Rose"
"Robin Hood's wedding" [sic]
"With a hey Robin" [sic]
"C.2106" catalogue number
Matrix numbers
"CC 20250-1"
"Cc 21080 II"


A very poor scan of the record in question