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"Four Jolly Sailor Boys" [sic] 

Having been recorded by Henry Lytton in 1903, the quartette "Four Jolly Sailormen" was the most popular number in the opera. Apparently, it was popular enough to warrant being made into a silent film. I do not have this item, but the details are given by the Silent Film website:
Four Jolly Sailor Boys from "The Princess of Kensington". Silent film.
(1907) British
B&W : Short film
Directed by John Morland
Cast: (unknown)
[?] Walturdaw Company? production; distributed by Walturdaw Company. / Released June 1907. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format. Cinematophone sound-on-disk sound system. / The soundtrack was reproduced from synchronized phonograph records. / Full-sound film.
Performance: Song.
Survival Status: (unknown)
Issue History
1907 Walturdaw Company?